the north face jeppeson jacket Adventure tourism business sells local knowledge of Cape Breton

the north face fleece sale Adventure tourism business sells local knowledge of Cape Breton

lot of the tourism has classically been; check out to Cape Breton by bus and meet all the nice people said Liam Fraser, 29, the younger of the two brothers. you actually speak to young people, they don understand that there a lot going on here. Life in Tents offers travelers one to five night trips, as well as custom trips and equipment rentals. The brothers will take care of everything your trip needs; from where to go and what to do and from where to stay to where to eat.

you search online to do in Cape Breton you can find the classic trails but nothings been updated, said 31 year old Lee Fraser. you want to hike, or you want a beach getaway, we pass on the knowledge of how to get there safely, who to avoid, who to speak to and how to do it. And we will rent you everything from tents and compasses to backpacks, sleeping bags and headlamps. the equipment is stored in Lee 100 year old renovated farmhouse in Margaree Valley.

now we got a couple dozen tents, some of them new and some of them used, he said. it all MEC or North Face stuff; we aren going to Walmart and trying to rent out that equipment. It all high end gear. the brothers know that competing with Maritime Travel, Trail Peak, Expedia and other big name travel companies will make it hard to crack into the industry.

lived here our entire lives and we been exploring this area since we were kids, said Lee. think the difference between us and other companies is that we sending customers to areas that aren very well publicized. These aren touristy places. the brothers were kids, their parents were always taking them out to explore their province. Lee first four day hike was when he was 10 years old and he has loved the outdoors since.

want to introduce people to Cape Breton real outdoors, he said. young families who would have been just like us 20 years ago. they not sending travelers and young families on trips that they haven done a hundred times themselves.

really common trip here is we encourage to check out is Pollett Cove. We started doing that when we were very young, said Liam, a former teacher. a really fantastic trip, it a trip we know forward and backward. to be sure they knew the trip like they think they do, they even done it in the pitch black of night . . . just to test their knowledge.

This summer, Lee, an underwater welder by trade, hired a group of people to test out the company trip ideas and instructions. The groups then reported back to him and gave him feedback to help improve Live Life in Tents.

summer is essentially a pilot, it a feeler, he said. our first couple of days, just through Facebook and word of mouth, our reach was 30,000 people. this idea didn happen overnight.

Almost eight years ago, the brothers started a blog Live Life Intense that where the punny name of their company came from where they would chronicle all of their local trips. The trips covered adventure races, rock climbing, going into the woods with nothing and trying to survive for three days and even snow shoeing from one side of the island to the other in five days.

a lot more tourism coming to Cape Breton now, Lee said. business is something Liam and I have been wanted to start for a long time, so we rebranded our blog and materialized the business into rentals and adventure planning. speaking to people around Halifax and across Canada which included visiting their sister who lives in Vancouver they found that Cape Breton tourism was under marketed.

so underutilized, said Lee. want to be able to grow this into a much bigger attraction. We got all the knowledge of this area and we offer the local connections. You could come here and do all the standard stuff but that just scratching the surface of what this area has to offer. two hope to grow the business by partnering with local festivals, farmers and micro breweries.

would be a win win, said Liam. could push people to a cool local experience and they could get free promotion and new customers. opening late in the season this year means that the brothers won get an accurate sense of the business success until the end of summer 2017. However, that also gives others time to create similar businesses before their brand has a chance to take off.

other people could try to copy us but the local knowledge we have of these trips is second to none, said Lee. eventually want to make this full time work for us. It something we passionate about and we are willing to work for it and introduce people to the outdoors. as summer quickly winds down and winter approaches, many adventures that the brothers list on their website become unavailable. The Fraser brothers plan to extend their rentals deal to include snowshoes next season and create winter adventures to keep the packages available year round.
the north face jeppeson jacket Adventure tourism business sells local knowledge of Cape Breton