the north face fleece jacket Brutally frigid weather to chill Valley through weekend

the north face walking boots Brutally frigid weather to chill Valley through weekend

An arctic cold front will move into the area today, with temperatures dropping from about 25 to 5 degrees by evening accompanied by increasing winds gusting to 35 mph and up, said Brian Edwards, of AccuWeather. “It will feel like anywhere from minus 10 to minus 20.”

All day Friday will be frigid “and dangerously cold,” he said. “I’m concerned about hypothermia and frostbite if people don’t take this seriously.”

Friday will be “very windy.” Highs during the day will hover in the low teens, but with 40 mph gusts, it will feel like minus 10 to minus 20 all day and night. Friday night’s temperature will be zero, and the winds will continue to gust to 35 mph.

Wind speed will decrease Saturday, to 10 20 mph, but the evening temperature, Edwards said, will be minus 3 or lower.

Slight relief is expected by Sunday, with temperatures rising to 20 and minimal winds.

“I have real concerns about Monday because a storm is moving in,” Edwards cautioned. “Temperatures could rise to the 30s, but I also see a possibility of snow in the morning and because the ground is frozen, rain turning to sleet and ice. It could be a very difficult day particularly for driving. We’re keeping an eye on Monday.”

The only good news, “if you want to call it that,” Edwards said, “is we miss almost all of the Nor’easter that will slam the east coast this week. Some parts of Northumberland County might see the very edge of the storm and get a light snow dusting. But the real issue for the Valley is the arctic winds and extreme cold.”

Outside work crews for PennDOT, PPL, and UGI will be largely kept off thestreet during this period of frigid temperatures.

When dealing with restoring outages, said PPL spokeswoman Tracie Witter. “There are no restrictions regarding temperatures. However, supervisors use good judgment to help keep crews safe in these conditions.”

At the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation,
the north face fleece jacket Brutally frigid weather to chill Valley through weekend
“There is not a specific policy for working outdoors during extreme cold temperatures,” said spokesman David Thompson, Wednesday. “However, we recently provided employees with a safety talk to make them aware of cold weather hazards, signs of potential cold weather illnesses or injuries and measures they can take to prevent them.

Doc orders: If you can stay inside, bundle upA Valley doctor is warning residents to avoid the outdoors if at all possible as temperatures fall into perilous territory.

this cold, with wind chill factors below zero, is very dangerous, said Dr. John Pagana, of Sunbury.

If you can stay indoors, do so, Pagana said, if you have to go out, wear loose layers of clothing. The air between the layers helps to keep you warm. Put on a hat and scarf.

lose a lot of body heat when your head and neck are uncovered, he said. Signs of it include a burning sensation on the exposed area of the skin. If you suspect frostbite, to your doctor, or to an emergency room, if that is your only option, he said. are procedures they can utilize to help. If you suspect frostbite and you at home, run warm, not hot water over the skin. Hot water can make the situation even worse. His overall message was simple: if you have to go out, be very careful, and dress appropriately. Limit your skin exposure to open air. Rick Dandes
the north face fleece jacket Brutally frigid weather to chill Valley through weekend