the north face hoodies Cuccinelli’s book tour puts him on radio stations across the country

the north face gore-tex Cuccinelli’s book tour puts him on radio stations across the country

Not surprisingly, one of the areas the interviewers pushed the Attorney General on is his book take on Medicare. His opinion on the government insurance program has led to harsh criticism from Democrats, but during his radio tour Cuccinelli does not retreat at all from his position.On WGIR in Manchester, he told interviewer James Pindell that Democrats use Medicare as way to scare older voters that their benefits are going to be stripped away. While defending Rep.He also said nobody in the “right mind” thought that Ryan wanted to harm Medicare.There is an obvious overtone to Cuccinelli appearing on radio in New Hampshire. He has also visited Iowa and appeared on Iowa radio as well. Those two states are the earliest in the presidential sweepstakes. In fact Cuccinelli is a well known enough figure in New Hampshire that the state democratic party “invited” him to New Hampshire to discuss some of the concepts in his book.New Hampshire state Democratic party Chairman Ray Buckley called the release of his book a clear first step in Cuccinelli run for the Republican nomination in 2016.”Ken Cuccinelli opinionthat social security and Medicare are that make recipients dependenton government would certainly be enlightening to the many voters he will haveto win over during his long quest for the Presidency,” Buckley said in a statement.On the Jerry Doyle show, the Attorney General argued that Medicare is easily used as a scare tactic by Democrats because the way it is designed provides no other options for older Americans. If they don have Medicare they don have anything.”When you got somany big programs, take Medicare, which I touch on in the book, that gets usedby politicians to scare off the electorate,” He said. “Look at the pushing granny of acliff ad. You know that wouldn exist but for the crowding out of all otheroptions for older Medicare.”This is the just the beginning of a sizeable roll out of the Cuccinelli book. In addition to what will probably be countless media interviews, the Attorney General will also conduct book signings for the next several weeks. In fact there is one planned for Friday at 6pm at the Barnes Noble in Fredricksburg.While Democrats will continue to pester and point out each and everything Cuccinelli says about the book, it is clear it is not something he is running away from. He seems ready to let voters decide if his ideas will work.
the north face hoodies Cuccinelli's book tour puts him on radio stations across the country